Rolling out SmartBuild – Who, What and When

Thank you for making the decision to go with SmartBuild.  This document will serve as a guide that outlines what needs to be done and how to do it.  It is important that the right people in your organization are selected for accomplishing the various tasks needed.

One person could potentially fill the requirements needed to implement SmartBuild.  But, usually it requires an internal team and consultation with SmartBuild’s technical team.  With a strong push and the right team in place, SmartBuild should produce comparable quote outputs in less than 2 weeks. 

SmartBuild integration will require the following ingredients and effort from your organization to roll out efficiently:

Project Management (~5-10 hours)

An organized, technically skilled and knowledgeable person to push the project is highly desirable.  The job of the Project Manager is to identify tasks, assign to the right individual, provide resources, and track progress.

Pricing and Accounting (~15-25 hours),

SmartBuild requires an Excel file of the materials and pricing used to quote and order barns. Usually an IT individual who is familiar with the accounting system is tasked with downloading an inventory database which is modified and then loaded up to SmartBuild.  Pricing is similarly uploaded.  When properly implemented, this process will result in “single button click” where a dealer creates a job, clicks to make it an order, and it seamlessly loads into your accounting software.

Field Practices and Model (~15-20)

It is important to involve a field expert with technical skills or a combination of individuals to integrate field practices into the 3-d model and electronic outputs.  This individual will be tasked with creating framing standards and “packages” which automate the takeoff of materials not modeled in SmartBuild.

SmartBuild will require some level of sustained energy to maintain, manage and use the system to its fullest.  With an initial push SmartBuild will quickly become a part of your organization and prove to be a strong technology partner.   

To reiterate, it is feasible to implement SmartBuild within 2 weeks if the right persons are assigned to the required tasks and given time to accomplish those tasks.  The Getting Started document shows in great detail what needs to be done.