Did you know that SmartBuild can output a SketchUp .SKP file for any job?  The full 3-d SmartBuild model can be opened in SketchUp to take advantage of extensive functionality.  Once opened in SketchUp you can see a list of all parts, adjust visibility, click on individual members, and edit the model.  You can create plans, elevations, sections, build details, and add title blocks.  You can integrate tractors, landscaping or many other 3-d objects from SketchUp’s huge 3D model library.  You can even create photorealistic 3D architectural renderings, create fly-overs and create virtual reality tours.  SketchUP has different plans and pricing for different levels of functionality, so if interested, be sure to check out the SketchUp website for more information.  SmartBuild’s post frame 3-d model combined with SketchUp can be a very powerful tool for your business.